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Loss of crucial data due to natural disasters, technical malfunctions and malicious activity can disrupt business continuity and operations, severely affecting both IT providers’ and their clients’ bottom line. That’s why more and more managed service providers (MSPs) are on the lookout for high-end, quality solutions to offer customers. The good news: there are clear steps MSPs can take to ensure their clients maintain business continuity.

Enter Veeam. A leader in backup technology, it serves as the ultimate data protection and disaster recovery solution through affordable backup and efficient image based VM replication. MSP clients need Veeam data protection, backup and disaster recovery plans so their IT departments have the capacity to recover enough system functionality and data to allow for business continuity, even when there’s been a glitch in the Matrix.

Why disaster recovery is so important

Businesses that fail to take the necessary precautions and implement a comprehensive disaster recovery plan most often find that their ability to adapt to unexpected changes and sustain cash flow can become significant challenges. In turn, the future of the company becomes more of a gamble.

Let’s break down why a disaster recovery plan should 100% be considered an integral part of any company’s protocols.

It keeps employees connected to their work

By providing remote access to systems and data so that anyone with an internet connection can stay connected from anywhere, and by implementing testing and verification protocols to minimize downtime as much as possible, a quality disaster recovery plan will help ensure that employees are able to continue working effectively, even in the face of unexpected interruptions.

It keeps businesses running smoothly

A disaster recovery plan worth its salt can help businesses to quickly recover their IT systems and data so that operations can quickly resume post disaster, minimizing downtime and lost revenue. By offering continuous data protection (real-time backups) and rapid recovery of virtual machines (VMs), a disaster recovery plan helps ensure things get back to business as usual without delay—and with a minimal impact on operations.

It avoids data loss

By regularly generating backups, a disaster recovery solution allows organizations to create backups of their data and store them in multiple locations, including offsite and in the cloud. This way, if one location is compromised by an unforeseen event, replicated data can be recovered from another location. Additionally, the use of automated monitoring and testing ensures that recovery processes work as expected and that data will be recovered as efficiently as possible.

It maintains compliance

It’s worth mentioning that 31% of Veeam customers use disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) as a way of effectively meeting compliance requirements—this safeguard is an offering your clients won’t soon forget. Via data encryption and retention, access controls, audit trails and compliance reports (to name a few), Veeam is perfectly poised to help organizations stay aligned with applicable regulations.

Veeam Cloud Connect

Veeam Cloud Connect is widely considered the best option for maintaining business continuity and operational efficiency in the face of organizational disruptions.

It helps MSPs offer clients DraaS

Veeam Cloud Connect is quick and easy to set up, which makes it easy for MSPs to include DRaaS among their client offerings. MSPs can set up a secure, multi-tenant environment within minutes. Additionally, Veeam’s built-in encryption and security features allow MSPs to offer something invaluable: peace of mind in the form of protected, secure data, both during transmission and while in storage. Cloud Connect is also scalable, so MSPs can scale their solutions as client needs evolve.

It backs up infrastructure

Veeam Cloud Connect makes a replicate copy of the backup data from your clients’ on-premises backup infrastructure and stores it in the cloud service provider’s infrastructure, ensuring their data is always available in the cloud should disaster (or any kind of disruption) occur. It’s also worth noting that Veeam Cloud Connect uses powerful encryption to ensure that the data is protected during transmission as well.

It enables environment replication

Veeam Cloud Connect offers clients a flexible platform which allows them to easily replicate the entirety of their virtualized environments (including VMs and any associated data) and store them away in the cloud without compromising network performance. Consequently, a copy of clients’ complete environment is forever available in the cloud, ready to be activated if the unexpected happens.

Microsoft 365 backup powered by Veeam

Since your clients possess an inordinate amount of Microsoft 365 data, keeping it protected is just as integral as keeping their network infrastructure up and running smoothly. Microsoft 365 backup powered by Veeam is a fantastic way to do just that.

Partnering with a Veeam provider to offer clients a simple and complete backup as a service (BaaS) solution in addition to DRaaS can position your MSP as a truly indispensable partner. Plus, it grants you access to experts, reduces the complexity of day-to-day IT operations and speeds up your time-to-value.

Furthermore, by offering encrypted storage in top tier data centers—with one year’s retention, automatic discovery and next-level data protection—Microsoft 365 backup powered by Veeam helps your clients stay on top of data governance and compliance.

Offer Veeam for disaster recovery and backup with an expert partner

With all the above said, why not offer Veeam solutions with the help of an experienced partner? Consider leveraging Sherweb’s Veeam expertise to enhance your DRaaS and BaaS offerings. Reach out to us to start a conversation, or join our partner program today to get started!

Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb