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Office Protect

How this Canadian MSP enhanced its Microsoft 365 offering with Office Protect

Authen-TIC is a Quebec company that provides managed IT services to small and medium-sized businesses. Their goal? Offer tailor-made and personalized ...

Office Protect

Office Protect allows MSPs to proactively manage Microsoft 365 security

“Our experience with Office Protect has been an extremely positive one. It gives us peace of mind that we have somebody watching out for our customers...

Office Protect

White-label monitoring, detection and response: the secret cheat code for Microsoft 365 security

Microsoft 365 is by far the most targeted platform for cybercrime (Kaspersky Lab, 20201) and its users are waking up to the fact that they now face re...

Office Protect

Office Protect: affordable security for small business

Convincing small business owners to buy security packages for Office 365 isn’t that easy. Just ask Stephen Shaw. The Indiana-based Managed Service Pro...

Office Protect

Office Protect stops email hacker in less than 12 minutes

Less than 12 minutes. That’s how long it took CrucialLogics to prevent a hacker from stealing data from one of its client’s email accounts....

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