Despite strong interest from their clients, some Managed Service Providers are ignoring opportunities for cloud-based business telephone solutions. Some MSPs don’t know enough about the product or have already built traditional telephone offers they think will last forever. The truth is, MSPs should never forget who drives the trends: their customers. Cloud-based business telephone solutions are what they’re looking for. Here are four reasons why MSPs should get into this game.


1. Every Business Knows That Every Customer Touchpoint Counts

“How do I keep my customers satisfied?” This is the question every business owner is asking. The competition is so fierce that no one can afford to lose clients because of a poor customer experience. Interacting with a potential or existing client should include good service from both a human and technical aspect. Think about it. When you get an email from one of your providers, you want the information to be accurate and clearly presented. The same holds true for a telephone conversation. You want to hear what the person on the other end is saying. If the telephone line is poor, you’ll be frustrated. Once you have a bad experience, it doesn’t take long to see that this isn’t the type of business telephone service you want.


2. Businesses Must Find Their Way in A Diversified Telephone Landscape

Companies have long turned to traditional landline providers for their business telephone services. But the choice has always been limited. Either the market was dominated by a single carrier or most carriers had the same type of services. This all changed when Voice over IP (VoIP) technologies  landed on the market. Now that they’ve matured, they’ve become the easiest choice for businesses that want to benefit from modern features like auto attendant or conferencing. There are even more options for businesses because they can switch from an on-premises installation of their VoIP telephone system to a hosted solution, delivered from a provider’s infrastructure.


3. Companies Can’t Figure out Their Telephone Expenses

A business telephone service involves more than just desk phones. Because there are more remote or roaming workers, mobile phones are now part of the business telephone ecosystem. In a Bring

Your Own Device (BYOD) model, employees are using their personal mobile devices to make and receive business calls. In some cases, the company onboards employee-owned cellular lines into its business telephone plans. This can be confusing for business owners because there’s no clear and efficient way of splitting the bills between corporate and personal usage.


4. Companies Have Fast-Evolving Needs and Want Better Communication Solutions

The technology playground is constantly changing. Every business pain is being addressed with one or more IT solutions. Since communication is at the center of a company’s activities, business owners want better technology for their business telephone systems. This is even more relevant for customer relationship management tools because a company wants to simplify how it tracks the sales team’s activities and customer experience.



Traditional telephone services work, but they’re slow to address business needs. Integrating landline systems with on-premises PBX hardware that uses VoIP technology may have helped. But it still requires an investment that not all companies are willing to make. Today’s business owners are keen to adopt cloud solutions because they respond to their fast-evolving requirements. An integration process that could have taken months can now be completed in a few days with hosted solutions. But, the flexibility of cloud solutions is not the only reason they’re so popular. Cloud solutions also cost less. For example, with on-premises VoIP, the process for onboarding new capabilities can be expensive because of extra costs for development or consultants.



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Written by François Laflamme Employee @ SherWeb

François leads SherWeb's Cloud PBX line of products, and is the go-to man for anything related to Unified Communications and VoIP. He has 25 years experience in deploying UC environments through Tier1 and Tier2 carriers in Europe and South America.