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It might sound like a buzzkill, but a lack of document management capabilities can hurt your bottom line. Your records management can only be considered successful if you can demonstrate effective use of resources, a quality product offering, a focus on customer requirements and expectations, and, of course, company culture.

As with everything else, your systems and processes evolve and that’s fine—you have to prepare your business to withstand and adapt to any amount of change. Included in this is dealing with obsolete document management systems that adversely impact the overall performance of your business and ultimately, your revenue streams.

Virtually every enterprise has to manage documents and records and organize them in a way that makes it easier to find the appropriate documents when needed. This makes it imperative to find and invest in the right resources; specifically, a robust document management tool to eradicate legacy inefficiencies and help achieve digital transformation.

Not sure you’re doing it right? Here are three signs you need a document management solution.

#1 You have different clients with different requirements

Every client has different needs. For example, some expect their data to be secure and protected in your hands. And if you can’t keep your client’s documents safe as per their requirements, you’re at risk of losing them.

A document management solution lets you effortlessly digitize documents and organize them for further processing or safekeeping. Moreover, the hallmark of a good document management solution is that it enables your clients to customize services according to their preferences, for example, creating subfolders and folders for reviewers, assigning owners to the subfolder or multiple folders, etc.

Even within your company, permissions and roles might be different. So the ability to control these permissions, restrict, or grant access is vital for clients.

#2 You don’t know how many devices have access to your documents

Work processes and document management can be daunting, especially if nobody knows where your documents are in the workflow and who is processing or editing them. Appointments and deadlines pass because employees and clients lose track of the documents to be reviewed.

Another issue is that employees are often stuck working on an outdated version of a particular document. They don’t have the means to access previous records as it is an implausible task to trace down every piece of paper or information in each person’s inbox across the whole company.

File server structures are also confusing, as employees follow their own systems that their coworkers aren’t always following. With a comprehensive document management solution, you can save and store company and project files, restricting access to only those who need to access it. It also provides you records of who accessed which document and when. That way, you can also know what particular individuals or users are working on a specific document.

#3 You can’t track down important client records

Can you find out the precise location of your client accounts at all times? Unfortunately, old-fashioned record-keeping processes often leave archives disorganized and cluttered. As a result, you might lose productivity and time during routine work while your employees search for the necessary information, unable to get the required data in a timely and structured manner.

Every type of data kept by your business needs to be monitored and tracked for one reason or another. If you can’t manage your records correctly, they can impact your company down the road to potentially crippling consequences.

Unavailability or inaccessibility of client records can be detrimental to business. Document management with software allows you to access records relating to your customers while helping you make informed and data-driven decisions.

When it comes to client documents, it is vital to know about every action taken on them, including the users that made a change, their reason for modifying the record, and the timings. Leveraging a seamless document management system helps you prevent mistakes, enhance quality and ensure compliance.

SyncMonkey can help keep you organized

SyncMonkey is a comprehensive document management solution that allows for a smooth transition to superior document management capabilities and optimizes your business’s document workflow. You can easily store sensitive information according to your client’s requirements and specifications and deliver seamless and better services.

SyncMonkey also keeps track of all the devices that have access to a particular document or are viewing a specific file at the moment. That way, you have all the necessary client records available at all times and can access them with a few clicks.

Your business has an excellent opportunity to ensure compliance and organizational efficiency by professionally managing your data and documents. The right partner can help you enrich your business strategy and operations and pair you with the right solutions to push your business forward. Check our Sherweb’s Partner Guide to learn more about how we can support your growth.

Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb

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