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In case you haven’t heard, Sherweb added a new partner and solution to its list of business applications: Letsignit ↗!

This professional email signature generator and management solution is great for clients of any size and can be deployed in any industry. All modern businesses need professional email signatures, after all.

Depending on your clients’ business challenges, Letsignit gives you two SKUs to choose from: Freemium or Business. To help you make a decision on which package would fit best, let’s jump into the features and benefits of both.

Letsignit Freemium

It’s pretty common with services that offer a free and paid solution for you to get way fewer perks with the free version. That’s not the case with the Letsignit Freemium package. The freemium account gives your clients the ability to create either low-code signatures from customizable templates or signatures using HTML code. A new feature with this package gives users more ways to be unique with their signature by letting them manage multiple brand logos in the console.

Letsignit’s Freemium version also lets clients sync their Microsoft 365, G-Suite or Active Directory accounts so they can easily import user groups and create customizable ones inside the application. With this, you’re also able to hide and block users’ attributes if you so choose.

These custom email signatures can be pushed to webmail on Outlook, Exchange or G Suite, as well as desktop applications for Windows and Mac.

Want to know how successful your email signatures are at pulling prospects to your website? Letsignit Freemium gives you the ability to integrate with Google Analytics to track that information, too!

Another perk of the Freemium package is that you’ll have access to the Help Center and live chat support functionality (on top of Sherweb’s export support, of course). And if you’d rather speak to a support rep on the phone, they’re accessible in English, Spanish and French.

Letsignit Business

With the Business package, you get all of the Freemium capabilities in addition to a few more targeted ones. One of the biggest improvements to the Business package is built-in performance statistics. This comes in handy as you start adding more marketing campaigns and banners to your signatures—something you can only do with the Business package.

The Business package lets clients use the Letsignit Designer to create custom signatures, insert marketing banners and add legal disclaimers. If different teams in your organization need a separate campaign banner for their email signature, your client is able to deploy multiple signatures and campaigns for their specific needs.

Another benefit of upgrading to the Business package is that you’re not limited to only using one directory. This is effective for businesses that use a lot of different productivity applications. You can sync Letsignit with as many directories as you’d like, whether you’re a Microsoft shop, a G-Suite company, or a hybrid of the two.

And lastly, with the Business package you can use automatic signatures for email replies and forwarding. There’s no need to copy and paste or reinsert your signature from the original communication to use for future communications in the same thread—it’s an automatic feature!

Letsignit Not-for-Resale

In addition to offering Letsignit plans to clients, Sherweb partners can also use the solution for their own businesses. For up to 50 licenses, partners access the same great tool for free and get firsthand experience with Letsignit’s benefits, including how it can help your customers and how it can grow your business.

Become a Sherweb partner to get started with Letsignit and diversify your portfolio of cloud solutions for your clients!

Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb