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Businesses are inundated with information that needs to be stored, organized and secured in a way that makes it easily retrievable. Without this, administration and service delivery can quickly become a nightmare.

However, all that is easier said than done, especially if you don’t have the right tools and resources to keep track of records and documents. It can be overwhelming to keep it well-organized, up to date and most importantly, secure.

That’s why businesses invest in a comprehensive document management solution like SyncMonkey to streamline data and operations.

SyncMonkey helps you capture, store, retrieve, and distribute digital documents seamlessly. It allows you to easily and quickly provide customers, vendors, and employees with the information they need, minimizing inefficiencies and inconsistencies to meet business goals.


Key benefits of using SyncMonkey

Getting into the habit of converting files into digital data helps to create a solid foundation of organization and security. This can go a long way in helping your business grow by streamlining workflows and processes. With SyncMonkey, businesses can turn cumbersome manual filing into an efficient archiving solution.

Manage client documents

SyncMonkey is a robust document management platform that allows you to store and manage clients and employee details, helping you deliver better service. You can store critical information such as customer phone numbers, websites and addresses, making it easier for technicians to reach out to them. You can also leverage checklists, store documents and network diagrams for secure and easy access.

SyncMonkey enables teams to maintain a list of logins and credentials for systems they use every day. You can also use it to manage what data your employees can view, helping you protect clients’ information.

Additionally, you can manage client documents and use a client-specific portal to update data related to payments, access their invoices and oversee their credentials for increased transparency.

Increase data security

Data security is essential for organizations regardless of their size. A document management system like SyncMonkey provides increased control over sensitive information, and lets you control the access to documents at the folder level for various groups and individuals.

Furthermore, SyncMonkey leaves an audit trail of who viewed your document, accessed it and whether or not it was modified. Data protection and cybersecurity were the utmost priority when creating SyncMonkey’s powerful documentation management tool; the platform is SOC 2 certified to further improve cybersecurity measures. If you didn’t already know, SOC 2 is a framework for auditing established by the American Institute of CPAs. It enables your company to demonstrate the level of security when it comes to safeguarding their clients’ information in their cloud servers.

Streamline operations and increase productivity

To be efficient and dynamic, your business has to be able to find files at a later date and update them as and when needed. However, with so many tasks to complete on any given day, searching for files is a waste of money, time and resources that you could be spending on other business areas.

A robust document management strategy and document workflows are critical to productivity and efficiency.

The ability to access and share data quickly is crucial for almost all job roles. When employees can’t access the data they require, their tasks get delayed, and their overall productivity stalled. Document workflow optimization makes sure that all your documents are accessible and retrievable by the right people at the right time.


SyncMonkey features that improve your processes

Enhanced security

The average workplace is no longer a fixed location, which increases the need to access information and documents. This also makes it essential to protect all the customer and employee-related data and ensure secure operations.

Storing your documents and files digitally with powerful software like SyncMonkey adds to fortified security. You can easily access sensitive documents and manage them at a folder level, enabling only authorized individuals to view them.

When you store documents in a secured system that prioritizes file safety and protection, it makes them more traceable. This means you can view when a particular document was last modified and opened.

With SyncMonkey, you can achieve this level of security without impacting the protection or integrity of your systems or documents. Working remotely or from the office, all information is stored and retrieved from a suitable and single location.

Better customization

Like Microsoft SharePoint Online, some platforms provide features that automatically classify or tag documents based on configuring rules. This doesn’t only enhance the reliability of the information behind your papers but also improves document tracking.

As different businesses have different requirements when it comes to a document management system. Therefore, customization can go a long way in helping you meet specific business requirements. With SyncMonkey, customers can enjoy personalized software that facilitates their unique needs.

Leveraging a streamlined and fully customizable document management tool helps you digitize content and extract the information while ensuring security according to your preferred format.

Modules for specific needs

Businesses in different industries and verticals have diverse needs and requirements. The intelligent thing to do, therefore, would be to leverage a software application that’s customizable for your specific wants, skill levels, and required modules like HR, finance or field service.

SyncMonkey is an all-inclusive platform with plug-ins and modules designed to combine your current information at a glance. The platform bridges the info extracted from routine third-party systems with your client notes while streamlining tasks and eliminating the need for redundant assignments.

With SyncMonkey, you can secure and centralize vital information at the organizational and client level, allowing for simplified collaboration, support, and transparency among all stakeholders.

Get ready to make your work life easier

Documentation management is a critical part of digital transformation, don’t sleep on it! SyncMonkey and Sherweb can help. The right partner can pair you with the right solutions to push your business forward. Contact us to learn more about the solution, or check our Sherweb’s Partner Guide to learn more about how we can help your business grow.

Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb