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One of the most popular features in cloud telephony is Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Also known as Auto Attendant or Auto Receptionist, IVR is the VoIP functionality that welcomes callers and directs them through a voice menu. Let’s have a look to the great features IVR has for businesses!


IVR Is Your Robot Receptionist

In modern telephony, you can run your company with a single phone number. The secret? Each employee is assigned an extension. Traditionally, the receptionist has been doing the job of answering the phone and directing callers to the right person. When you have an Interactive Voice Response system, it does the job of your human receptionist.


IVR Is Interactive by Definition

More than just welcoming callers with a fancy message and putting them on hold until one person picks the call, an IVR system will interact with them. The callers can follow the IVR instructions and respond by pressing touches on their telephone keypad or by voice.


The IVR Speech Recognition Offers Endless Possibilities

Yes, an IVR system makes it possible for the caller to say the name of the person they want to talk to, answer a question, say a list of numbers… The possibilities are endless. The IVR system not only understands what the caller says, it can also help secure transactions made over the phone. For instance, more banking institutions have started plugging a voice recognition feature to their IVR, so it can validate the caller’s identity as he or she speaks!


High Call Volumes Are No Longer an Issue with IVR

Your call volumes can grow faster than your head count. In this scenario, IVR’s got your back. The system will handle multiple calls at the same time without the callers noticing there are other people on the line. When you couple IVR with call transfer and voicemail features, you’re guaranteed for success. No call will ever be missed.


Your IVR System Is Always On

People can call at any time, your IVR system will always respond as it is available 24/7. Anyone who wants an information you have pre-recorded in your IVR will have it right away, even when your offices are closed. You can configure your Interactive Voice Response system to provide different information based on the time of the call.


The IVR System Supplants Your Staff and Frees Precious Work Time

Because your clients can call and get information from your company without talking to any human being, your IVR system becomes a staff member! Some of the calls you get are only related to knowing your business hours, confirming an appointment, or current promotions, for instance. Think about all the time saved when an employee does not have to answer that kind of questions because it’s all done by your IVR!


IVR Will Bolster Your Company’s Image

When you’re able to shorten the waiting time once the caller reaches an extension, you will improve your customer satisfaction. None of your customers, partners or providers will ever feel frustrated or left behind if they know they can always speak to someone when they call your company.


IVR Will Help You Save Money

Finally, because the IVR system will save your employees’ time, they can do much more in a single day. With more efficiency, your operational costs get lower. This is an essential benefit of having an Interactive Voice Response system. But saving on costs can only happen if you wisely use your IVR system. Learn how to configure it or ask your provider to do the job, and you’ll see a higher return on investment.


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Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb