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The economic benefits of cloud-based platforms are manifold. However, it can be challenging for organizations to choose the right platform for their cloud migration.

That’s where Microsoft’s managed services come to rescue businesses of all types and sizes. They offer a secure, flexible and scalable platform that’s revolutionizing the commercial world. Its integrated cloud-based services enable developers to leverage almost any language allowing the deployment, creation and management of any number of cloud-first apps.

This makes moving to Microsoft Azure a strategic business decision, which is why 95% of Fortune 500 companies use it to scale and grow their operations. It also doesn’t hurt that Azure is driving robust profit growth and sales for Microsoft and its associated resellers, topping analysts’ estimates for an eleventh straight quarter.

So how can managed services providers (MSPs) take advantage? Here are some viable ways to increase the profitability of your Microsoft Azure offering by partnering with Microsoft and an indirect provider like Sherweb.

Join the Microsoft CSP program

Microsoft is one of the biggest partners for MSPs, helping them form invincible tech stacks and offer market-leading services. One way this works is through Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program, which provides resources and incentives that enable your Microsoft business to succeed and grow.

The CSP program rewards you for enabling, activating and enrolling in appropriate competencies to reap license sales rewards through rebates. It also facilitates expansion into new business models and markets using a wide range of market-ready resources.

Joining the CSP model allows you to add value to customers’ cloud experience through billing flexibility, advice and support. According to a study related to cloud opportunity, partners who deliver cloud solutions outdo their peers:

  • 0x on growth
  • 8x on recurring revenue
  • 5x on gross profit

The CSP program offers Microsoft partners the opportunity to establish themselves as a dependable IT advisors for their respective clients. With the assistance of Microsoft CSP, you can develop your business and stay up to speed with the ongoing explosion of cloud growth.

Get certified

Obtaining as many applicable certifications as possible not only helps to expand your cloud expertise but can increase the profitability of Microsoft Azure for your business as well. Of course, you’ll have to meet specific requirements and get a  , but the result of increased trust from customers will be well worth it.

Being Microsoft Azure certified also demonstrates to Microsoft that you are keen to devote your resources and time to achieving a specific goal. Incentives associated with various certifications can thereby also help your company minimize costs and further increase the profitability of Microsoft Azure.

Take advantage of incentives

Speaking of incentives, CSP partners are also eligible for various growth-related kickbacks. These benefits are incremental to the discount on Azure consumption, ranging from 10% or more when totaled. Simply put, your margins for Microsoft Azure can greatly improve based on the volume of licenses you sell.

Leverage Azure hybrid cloud

At the forefront of PaaS and IaaS, Azure’s hybrid cloud platform enables rapid deployment and offers organizations the option of operating independently or leveraging a public solution. By enabling applications and data to move between dual environments, Azure hybrid cloud helps companies maintain granular control of important data while also benefitting from cost-effectiveness, ease of use and flexibility.

Some MSP clients might still be reluctant to move to public-based cloud models. Azure hybrid cloud represents an attractive alternative for these customers, who can learn the benefits of a cloud-first approach while still preserving on-premises workloads. Offering hybrid cloud thereby further increases the profitability of Microsoft Azure for providers by expanding the client market.

Work with an expert partner

As a busy MSP, you want to dedicate your efforts where they can have a maximum impact. More often than not, that maximum impact doesn’t extend to learning the intricate nuances of the Microsoft ecosystem and complete Azure opportunity.

Working with an indirect provider partner for Microsoft Azure gives you a centralized point of contact for any areas you might need help with, and ensures you make the most of your cloud investment. A great partner can even help you deploy your managed services for clients and make sure you get the maximum return for incentives and certifications.

Sherweb helps MSP partners with cloud migration and deployment, freeing up time to close more deals and cultivate valuable business relationships. Furthermore, Sherweb’s value-added cloud marketplace and services stack provides MSPs with additional opportunities for upselling and cross selling both Microsoft and third-party cloud products, while avoiding some of the complications and requirements involved with working with Microsoft directly.

Join Sherweb’s partner program to start maximizing the profitability of Microsoft Azure today or explore our partner guide for more information on how we can help your MSP business grow.

Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb