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Microsoft 365 has become so essential that many of us can’t imagine working without it. Among many other things, we use it to process and store vital information for our businesses. But what if something unforeseen happens—because the unforeseen is always possible—and you lose all, or even part of your data? In this charming scenario, you’ll probably be looking to restore it from a backup.

Backing up data is crucial, which is why businesses worth their salt always ensure they have policies in place to protect their data—and that employees abide by those policies. It’s therefore also crucial to make sure your business utilizes a backup service for Microsoft 365, which is probably one of the largest repositories for your (or your clients’) business data.

So, when it comes to backing up Microsoft 365, what’s the best service out there?

First, what is online backup?

Before checking out your backup options, it’s important to get a handle on backup best practices. The 3-2-1 rule is a secure and reliable strategy worth following: keep three copies of the same backup on two different media, plus one copy offsite.

Does this mean you need three different products to back up your data? No, because a single product should offer enough flexibility to store data on various media as well as offsite.

But why store data offsite? To reduce the risk of collateral damage, of course. In the case of an attack or a hardware failure, you risk losing all your backups in one fell swoop, especially if they’re all kept in the same location. But by following the 3-2-1 rule, you exponentially increase the security of your data. FYI, your simplest offsite online backup strategy is to store it in the cloud.

Important criteria for backing up Microsoft 365 data

It’s important to keep in mind that when you use any Microsoft 365 online service, you’re responsible for your own data in the event of human error or a company hardware failure. It follows then, that putting the best processes in place to protect your data is a must. But because there are a lot of options to choose from, it helps to identify the criteria that best suit your company’s needs.

When in search of the right online backup service for Microsoft 365 or for your business in general, the following criteria should be top priority.


You’ll want to search for an online backup service for Microsoft 365 which can store your data while meeting the highest security standards—something like SSAE16 or SOC2 Type II. The service should also encrypt your data to protect it while in backup and throughout the recovery process. You can never be too careful with the security of your valuable data!


It should go without saying that your chosen online backup service should also be easy to use. For instance, the functions that allow you to back up Microsoft 365, Windows 10 (or whichever version you might be using), and mobile devices should be fully integrated. This way, you can create, schedule, manage and process all your backups from a single management console. Your service provider should also give you the option to verify your backup. In a moment of crisis, no one wants to discover their backups are corrupted or have been improperly executed!


Paying your Microsoft 365 online backup service for space you don’t need is a waste. While you should absolutely be able to scale up, you definitely don’t need an infinite amount of pre-purchased storage. When you choose a service that charges per device or per mailbox, you end up paying for more space than you actually use. Instead, look for an online backup service option where you pay per gigabyte of storage you use, effectively allowing you to back up any application, mailbox or device according to your budget. This approach also allows you to scale up when you need to without having to worry about additional fees or unexpected costs.

You know better than anyone else what’s essential to the continued survival and success of your business. But never forget that a well-designed disaster recovery strategy should be at the top of your list—and this begins with a reliable online backup service.

Find a backup service for Microsoft 365 that suits your needs

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Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb