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It’s been a few weeks since Microsoft 365 was officially released. With this new platform, any business can now get Windows 10, Office 365, and Enterprise Mobility + Security packaged in a single per user monthly subscription. This means more flexibility for organizations working to control their IT expenses and full access to the latest technologies at any time.

Microsoft’s technologies have become so essential that many of us cannot imagine our life without them. We probably learned to use a computer on a machine running Windows or DOS. Office 365 is now an integrated part of our daily work life. We’re using it to process and store vital information for our businesses.

So, what if something tragic happen? What if you lose all, or even part of your data in Office 365? What happens if your Windows laptop is stolen? You’ll probably be looking to restore data from a backup. In this article, we’ll help you figure out the easiest way to properly back up your data for Microsoft 365.

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Online Backup 101: Understanding the Need of Storing Data Offsite

We can’t start looking at the options without mastering the best practices of backups.

The main thing to keep in mind is the 3-2-1 rule. It means that you need to keep three copies of the same backup: a copy on two different medias plus another copy offsite. This guarantees a reliable, efficient, and secure strategy. Does this mean you need three different products to back up your data? No. With a single product, you can absolutely do it all. So, when you’re looking to purchase a backup solution, make sure you it offers enough flexibility to store data on different media and offsite.

Why storing data offsite? The reason is to lower the risk of collateral damage. In case of an attack or a hardware failure, if all your backups are located in the same place, you’re increasing your chances of losing them all in one fell swoop. By following the 3-2-1 rule, you exponentially increase the security of your data. Your simplest option to back up data offsite is to store it in the cloud. That’s what we refer to as online backup.


When It Comes to Online Backup Services for Microsoft 365, These Are the Most Important Criteria

Remember that, as per Microsoft’s agreement for any online service, you’re responsible for your data in the event of human error or a hardware failure within your company. Any service you use that is part of the Microsoft 365 platform follows the same rule. So, it’s crucial that you put the best processes in place to protect your business information. Online backup services will help you do that. But because there are a lot of options out there, you need some help to identify the one that suits best. Here are recommendations you should always follow.


Your Online Backup Service for Microsoft 365 Should Be Highly Secure

Look for an online backup service for Microsoft 365 that can store your data with the highest security standards like SSAE16 or SOC2 Type II. It should also encrypt your data to protect it while in backup and in the recovery process. You can never be too careful with the security of your data since Office 365 manages its fair share of valuable data.


Your Online Backup Service for Microsoft 365 Should Be Simple to Use

The online backup service for Microsoft 365 should be easy to use. It should fully integrate the capabilities to back up Office 365, Windows 10 and mobile devices. That way, you can create, schedule, manage, and process all your backups from a single management console. The provider should also give you the option to verify your backup. Nobody wants to discover in a moment of crisis that their backups haven’t been properly executed or are corrupted.


Your Online Backup Service for Microsoft 365 Should Offer Scalability for Better Cost Management

You don’t have to pay for extra space for your Microsoft 365 online backup service when you don’t need it. You should be able to scale up for sure, but you definitely don’t need an infinite amount of storage that you will pay in advance. This is what would happen if you choose to pay for an online backup service that charges per device or per mailbox. You’ll be paying more money while your device or mailbox does not use the average amount of data. Your best option? Look for an online backup service option where you pay for storage instead. This means you can back up any application, mailbox, or device as per your budget. Per gigabyte storage fees are very advantageous. You can scale up as you without worrying about paying astronomical amounts of money.


Why Do These Recommendations for Online Backup Service for Microsoft 365 Matter?

One of the worst stories we’ve heard comes for a partner who had been contacted by a small business desperately trying to recover the Office 365 data they had lost because of a hack. A user had left an Office 365 session opened on a public computer in a café. Everything was gone, from customer contacts to accounting files and emails. The company used to get their services directly from Microsoft and no one had ever told them about backing up Office 365 data.

This story reminds any business owner how it’s important to partner with a managed service provider (MSP) to get not only the cloud service they want, but also the advice and education around it. Your MSP knows better than anyone what’s essential to your business continuity. But the most important thing is any business owner should have a disaster recovery strategy and this starts with an online backup service.

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Always keep this is mind: you’re responsible for your business data, wherever they are. When you choose Microsoft 365, you need to think ahead and plan for your disaster recovery. By choosing an online backup service, you’re preparing for the worst and ensuring your business stays on by keeping data offsite. An online backup service for Microsoft 365 should be secure and simple, and it should help you control your costs.

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