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Sherweb is a cloud marketplace leader that helps managed service providers (MSPs) grow with value-added services. We support partners with business strategies, cloud services, operations, go-to-market expertise and a host of other benefits to enable success.

Launched in 2012, Sherweb’s MSP partner program has grown to include more than 7000 partners. Maintaining a high level of customer service, improving relationships and actively searching for new ways to meet partner needs are top priorities for our organization.

Helping MSP partners succeed

Sherweb works alongside MSPs to help them grow, enrich their offerings and maximize their value for clients by representing an extended part of their team. To illustrate our commitment, our partner program and value-added services are structured around cloud marketplace and partner services.


Cloud marketplace

Our ultimate goal is to make it as easy as possible for MSPs to grow their business. We vet and select the very best cloud products and services for building profitable offers, so that partners don’t have to. Sherweb partners are safe in the knowledge they’re adding value to their business by providing customers with the top business-critical solutions to support digital transformation and modern enterprise.

More specifically, Sherweb’s cloud marketplace encompasses the following areas:

Partner services

MSPs can’t grow their business without long-term planning, achievable targets and an awareness of what opportunities are available to them. With dedicated account management, targeted training and resources and a partner success team to help execute initiatives, Sherweb’s MSP partners are equipped with tools to develop and implement roadmaps, strategic plans and marketing campaigns.

Designed to help you further your goals and achieve more, additional value-added services of our partner program include:

Operational effectivness

It’s difficult for MSPs to be truly profitable if their internal operations aren’t optimized for efficiency.

We empower partners to simplify the way they work with our intuitive partner portal complete with:

  • Integration services: APIs, PSA tools and additional integrations to facilitate billing processes and service automation.
  • Self-Service Portal (SSP): Our Self-Service Portal was designed to be part of your trusted MSP service offerings, providing clients with 24/7 capabilities all without your direct intervention.
  • Continuous support for your business: We also provide MSPs with migration, deployment and other professional services to offload manual and technical tasks.

Cloud expertise

Sherweb represents an extension of its MSP partners’ respective teams. Partners can access in-house experts for pre-sales, marketing, technical support, account management and more to help fill crucial knowledge and skills gaps. Additionally, Sherweb offers countless learning and educational resources to boost partner product knowledge and provide ready-to-use assets for marketing, user adoption and change management.

How Sherweb’s MSP partner program works

Flexible partnership models

Sherweb is extremely proud of its partner-first approach. Our MSP partner program’s success is due in part to the flexibility it offers. For example, our different partnership levels enable program participants to brand their offerings individually or alongside Sherweb’s own brand.

Sherweb partnership models

Partner benefit levels

Sherweb’s partner program rewards and incentivize MSPs with positive performance. As partners grow their business, they can unlock incremental loyalty benefits based on their monthly recurring revenue (MRR).

The more a partner’s business grows, the more lucrative their benefits. For partners that don’t have the required MRR to access these benefits, Sherweb provides access for an agreed-upon period based on the partner’s growth potential and overall engagement with the program.

Support programs and value-added services

Dedicated to improving the partner experience, Sherweb works constantly to expand and adapt its partner program to ensure MSP partners are engaged and satisfied. As such, we offer a variety of associated programs designed to support MSPs in select key business areas including but not limited to training, marketing and networking.

Sherweb services and programs

Account Management

Sherweb assigns a dedicated account manager to assess MSPs’ business needs and help strategic objectives. They also provide advice about the best solutions and opportunities to ensure partners maximize benefits available to them.

Marketing Program

Our Marketing Program gives partners effective strategies and sales enablement resources to launch their own marketing campaigns and lead-generation events.

MPN consultation services

Sherweb experts tell MSPs everything they need to know about navigating the Microsoft ecosystem and leveraging financial incentives, competencies, and internal use rights.

MSP Practice-in-a-Box

Sherweb offers MSPs live coaching and training from industry experts on various topics, such as transitioning from break fix to a recurring revenue model and how to build solid marketing and sales plans.


Our subject matter experts and solution architects assist MSPs with technical advice and best practices. They even jump in on calls with partners’ own specialists to help close complex deals.

What sets Sherweb’s MSP partner program apart

There are several key reasons why we whole-heartedly believe Sherweb’s partner program is superior to competitors. First and foremost is our dedication to education and skill building; we give partners proven training and resources to facilitate their success. Second is our drive to make partners’ lives easier by streamlining their operations behind the scenes. Third is our continued innovation developing applications and services powered by Sherweb for partners to add to their offerings.

Partner University

Sherweb’s Partner University is a video library designed to help partners become expert sellers, with Sherweb experts providing guidance every step of the way. Partners can participate in business, sales and product skill paths, or sharpen their technical skills with demos about product provisioning and features.


C2 MSP is a pre-configured IT support ticket management solution tailored to the specific needs of MSPs. It’s an enhanced IT service management (ITSM) platform that allows Sherweb partners to effortlessly automate, optimize and manage all their services.

Office Protect

Office Protect is a service that’s designed to help partners secure their Microsoft 365 tenants. Using powerful in-house security software, our analysts actively monitor for threats, investigate alerts, eliminate false positives and provide guided response and remediation.

Performance Cloud

Performance Cloud powered by VMware is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform that makes it quick and easy to set up your cloud environment and scale applications. Built to support different workloads, disaster recovery and compliance needs, it allows you to have full control of your cloud server costs and speed innovation with market-leading price-to-performance.

Sherweb Helpdesk

Sherweb helpdesk  is a managed service offering that provides white-labeled helpdesk support for MSPs. With a first-call resolution rate of 94%, industry-certified experts and compatibility with any leading PSA or RMM tool, Sherweb Helpdesk helps partners grow their business and take on more tickets without sacrificing customer experience.

Partner Services

Partner Services empower Sherweb partners to manage clients’ infrastructure and deliver excellent security and support capabilities, all under their own brand. Services are focused around maintenance, monitoring and reporting, security and recovery, encryption and archiving and setup and migration. In addition, Sherweb’s Professional Services team helps partners with planning, assessments, implementations and migrations tailored to their needs.

Work with a partner dedicated to your success

Want to learn more about how Sherweb can help your business grow? By providing access to a leading cloud marketplace, resources for planning and training and expertise to assist with management, implementation and deployment, Sherweb gives MSPs everything they need to build success in the channel. What Sherweb partners have to say about us and our partner program is a clear indicator of how we help MSPs succeed.

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Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb