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Nimble is CRM software that manages your contacts and pipeline, tracks social media, analyzes sales intelligence, and automates marketing efforts. All of this makes it one of the best and most trusted CRM tools globally.

With the latest upgrade to Nimble 5.0, users keep the functionality they love while getting many improvements for Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 organizations. Those include redesigned contact records, activity tracking, email tracking, and two-way sync with more than 100 business applications, allowing small businesses to run like large corporations.


Nimble integrations available

There are eight comprehensive categories that the Nimble integrations fall into, but we’ll only touch on five. These business app categories include:

  • Customer support & helpdesk
  • Marketing & email
  • Importing, data syncing, & forms
  • Account, billing, & invoicing
  • E-commerce

To check out the full list, visit the Nimble Marketplace.

Customer support & helpdesk

Nimble 5.0 offers five business applications within this category.

Zendesk, a popular application used in the software, IT, and retail industries, is one of Nimble’s partners. They offer integrations through Zapier, itDuzzit, and PieSync. With Zapier, non-technical users can take advantage of Zendesk without writing a single line of code. It helps sync your organization’s new users, groups, and forums while creating and updating service tickets. You can learn more about the different triggers and actions associated with Zapier’s Nimble + Zendesk integration.

On top of that, syncing contact notes between applications is now easier with Nimble’s for Salesforce integration, which is also offered through Zapier, itDuzzit, and PieSync. You can create custom fields and tags for contacts, add and update phone numbers, and sync social data from Nimble. Thanks to this integration, it won’t matter which application you use to create the contact—all the data will be up to date.

Marketing & email

There are 19 business applications within this category, Nimble 5.0’s most concentrated group of integrations. The two most popular, Hootsuite and MailChimp, can both integrate as add-ons with Nimble.

Hootsuite is a social media management system for businesses to collaborate across multiple social networks—including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube—from one secure, web-based dashboard. Integrating Nimble’s CRM capabilities with Hootsuite’s dashboard adds context to social contacts, which increases your organization’s social selling and engagement opportunities. Combining Hootsuite’s extensive social monitoring abilities and Nimble’s customer engagement and social selling tools allows you to pinpoint and connect with key prospects and existing customers with increased relevance. Learn more about the Nimble + Hootsuite integration.

That’s not all—creating drip email campaigns just got easier with the MailChimp integration. This email marketing platform lets users create nurture campaigns, share them on social networks, integrate them with popular web services, manage subscribers, and track results—everything you could possibly want! MailChimp gives you detailed insights into your email campaigns, such as who opened it, how many times, and which links they clicked the most. This ultimately helps you identify which Nimble contacts you should focus on and what sort of information those contacts want to receive from you.

Importing, data syncing, & forms

Supporting more than 15 business applications, this category is home to big names like Salesforce, Netsuite, and Microsoft Dynamics 365. We’ll focus on how Salesforce creates value for sales organizations.

Salesforce is one of the most commonly used CRM tools in financial services, business services, and healthcare. The platform is being used in more than 150,000 companies worldwide. Just like Zendesk, it’s offered via Zapier, itDuzzit, and PieSync, as well as Bedrock Data.

Integrating with Nimble 5.0, Salesforce creates a two-way sync when generating new accounts, leads, contacts, opportunities, and campaigns. It also creates events, tasks, notes, outbound messages, and more. Salesforce gives companies an average of 28% increase in sales revenue, 38% better forecasting, and 36% overall better sales productivity.

Accounting, billing & invoicing

Nimble 5.0 gives users seven different business applications to utilize for their finances. Quickbooks is the most well-known application in this area. It only integrates through Zapier, but it’s a great fit for small-to-medium-size businesses. With Quickbooks, you can accept business payments, manage and pay bills, and perform other essential payroll functions. Now, thanks to the Nimble integration with Quickbooks, you can create new bills, purchase orders, payments, estimates, invoices, expenses, sales receipts, and products and services.

Nimble makes e-signing documents a snap with its RightSignature integration. RightSignature lets users send any document—whether it’s a contact, PO, HR document, or NDA—to any Nimble contact in just a few seconds. No more wasting time, money, or paper sending hardcopies!


Selling merchandise or need a way to market your brand? Nimble 5.0 integrates with Magento and Shopify to help you sync your customer data.

The Magento integration allows Nimble users to see when a new sales order, invoice, shipment, and credit memo was created. It can also create new products, customers, and contacts in the system to sync with Nimble 5.0.

Shopify offers better functionality with Nimble 5.0. Along with the triggers available through Magento, the Nimble + Shopify integration lets users see abandoned carts, cancelled orders, and new products added to the site. You can also update your inventory and product variants and even create blog posts.

Benefits of integrating business applications with nimble

Nimble’s value proposition is short and sweet: Grow your business. With Nimble 5.0, you get:

  1. A better overview of your business.
  2. A tangible increase in productivity.
  3. Improved customer satisfaction.

Nimble integrations helps sellers nurture relationships while selling smarter, leveraging social insights and utilizing more than 100 business applications to meet your goals.

What’s not to love? Contact us if you’d like to learn more about Nimble and its available integrations

Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb