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Electronic signature platforms have transformed the document signing process as we know it. You no longer need access to a scanner and printer only to sign a paper that was emailed to you. All you really require is signNow, a powerful platform that quickly and conveniently collects eSignatures for any purpose.

signNow is an excellent option for small businesses and big enterprises alike that need all-inclusive document management. It offers multiple features that considerably enhance your signing processes while also ensuring the security of the documents at hand.

Regardless of your business’s size, signNow provides some unique benefits compared to conventional ways of signing papers. For starters, your document management and signing processes are faster, more efficient and more organized.

Managing electronic signatures and signing documents online couldn’t be easier

This powerful eSignature management tool helps you sign agreements, contracts, and other essential documents in the easiest possible way, making it the most intuitive application of its kind on the market. We cover some additional benefits below!

Increase productivity by saving time and effort

signNow allows the admins to share, create and collaborate on multiple files, templates and documents. They can also instantly track their progress or status within a protected environment.

Team admins can include and remove members from their teams effortlessly. Moreover, you can efficiently structure, manage and organize templates and documents created or submitted by the group.

Fully integrated with Microsoft 365 and other Microsoft applications, signNow can import Word documents to sign, fill in and send out to be signed by others. You can also exchange all documents with team members make sure everyone is up to speed with and can collaborate on all relevant changes.

Using signNow, businesses can intuitively generate their most-used files or document templates, share them with relevant groups or send them individually to team members. You can also create a tailored electronic signature experience to suit your unique workflow requirements.

In addition to sending out your documents to be signed, you can also set up the signing sequence for your templates, request payments, set completion notifications, select expiration dates for documents, set reminders and much more. signNow has a of myriad features that empower you to personalize for every use case.

Add your branding to documents that need signing

By adding your company’s logo to your signNow account, you can accurately reflect your organization’s branding on alerts or notification emails you send to respective signers. No looking out for some unrecognizable third party!

Additionally, you can customize your signing guide and direct signers to your business’s website once they’ve signed a document, creating a more linear customer or buyer journey.

Optimize electronic signature workflows for specific roles and responsibilities

signNow collects signatures from signers with different roles in a similar document. You can also apply and input conditional fields to increase a specific field’s visibility once you fulfill its predetermined condition. For example, if certain signers should be paying attention to certain areas of a document, but don’t need to sign other areas.

Sign offline and send the document when you reconnect

The signNow mobile application lets you upload any file or document, include fillable fields, and send them out for signatures when you don’t have an internet connection. Once you’ve established internet connectivity, your document will sync.

Track document status

Your workforce can stay on the same page and your executives can remain in the loop on document progress and statuses with email completion alerts and instant updates on the signNow dashboard. Once you complete a document, you can download your files along with all the change history or archive it whenever you need it.

Drive workflow efficiency

signNow facilitates your signature workflows effectively and speeds up the overall process and efficiency. Here are some examples of how signNow can help your business:

  • Access numerous pre-built integrations
  • Eliminate added costs of printing and mailing documents
  • Sign documents regardless of your location or device
  • Fully automate signature workflows by sending notifications to involved parties required to sign

Maintain security and compliance

signNow collects legally-binding signatures from employees, partners and employees in seconds, but your documents are nevertheless secured and protected. signNow keeps all your information confidential with an additional layer of protection backed with advanced authentication and encryption.

The platform also adheres to a range of recognized compliance requirements, and also keeps track of all changes made and signing events for every document. In addition, you can protect your files with encrypted folders and multi-factor authentication.

Data security for signNow is backed by SSL encryption and standard compliances applicable across many industries. More specifically, signNow is compliant with:

  • HIPAA security standards
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
  • GDPR requirements
  • PCI DSS certification
  • SOC 2 Type 2 certification
  • CCAP compliance


With signNow you can sign papers and collect e-signatures and other information directly from apps you already use. Seamlessly integrate signNow with familiar applications including Google, Dropbox, Salesforce, NetSuite, Microsoft 365, other Microsoft apps like Microsoft Teams—the list goes on!

signNow can also collect and add signatures from smartphone devices. Gather data, sign documents, upload files from your photo library, print from your mobile devices, import or export documents using your email or camera, etc. Also, you can effortlessly redo a signature directly on all iOS devices. You can also make templates, upload documents, sign documents, build complex signature workflows and garner essential data on Android devices as well.

Additionally, signNow allows you to integrate eSignatures into apps and websites by configuring signature workflows based on your company’s requirements in as little as 10 minutes.


Start signing

The digital signature market is growing at an exponential rate across the world and for the right reasons. Electronic signature solutions are rapidly becoming the norm and are expected by customers. The international digital signature market is currently worth an estimated $2.8 billion, and is expected to grow to $14.1 billion at a 31% CAGR by 2026.

signNow provides the ability to generate, authenticate, collect and deliver signatures for documents across multiple devices irrespective of your location, thereby augmenting your business speed and, ultimately, its performance. Furthermore, it allows you to increase communication and collaboration effectively as well as improve productivity.

Interested in adding signNow to your reseller portfolio or using it for your own business? Become a Sherweb partner or contact us to get started and say goodbye to pesky paperwork.

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Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb