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Nimble is one of the most dependable sales and marketing CRMs (Customer Relationship Management). With Nimble, businesses gain an all-inclusive service.

Effective communication is key to maintaining collaborative relationships with customers. This is why most companies use CRM platforms to provide customers with a personalized experience that builds brand equity, improves customer satisfaction, and increases sales and revenue. Nimble can collect, store, and manage contacts, communication history, emails, and social calendars on one platform.

CRM software provides businesses with insight into customer behavior, which empowers them to make knowledgeable decisions to deliver an optimal experience to their customers. Nimble’s platform also enables businesses to access different SaaS (Software as a Service) applications, including Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and Google Workplace.

Nimble also comes with privacy customization features that streamline communication among team members and ensure effective information delivery. The CRM provides a customizable contact privacy feature, enabling users to create private and public contacts, which you can manage through the admin or other appointed accounts.

The following guide will inform you about Nimble’s privacy features to boost your team’s internal communication.

Optimized Collaboration

Nimble provides businesses with an all-in-one solution that facilitates optimized collaboration. The application comes with a customizable dashboard that your sales team can use to discover critical information regarding prospects and customers.  With this, the teams can examine the sales pipelines, identify and track concerns, and strengthen the brand’s relationships with the right customers.

Brands can use its browser extension to discover more leads and contacts that they can later convert.

The platform also improves the efficiency of a company’s operations by allowing users to update contact records, including customer insights, phone numbers, and emails addresses, among others, directly from the application.

Moreover, Nimble also enables users to use the relationship manager to create a unified database and improve collaboration by amalgamating emails, contact lists, communication histories, and calendar appointments with over 160 SaaS business app contacts and social media platforms.

Businesses can also use the platform to formulate an outreach with Microsoft Teams.

Nimble makes it easy to carry out market segmentation to create precisely targeted outreach plans, which helps SMBs increase their customer interaction rate. Additionally, brands can also use the platform’s analytics to see the success rate of certain outreach features and refine future campaigns.

SMBs can also use Nimble’s group messaging feature to send up to 100 emails per user each day.

Moreover, your clients can also customize email templates, unify contact data, add merge tags and attachments, and do much more. The platform has an inline editing feature to scan through contacts and streamline search operations quickly.

Your clients can also benefit from the CRM’s various features, including save, reuse, table view, group messages, and email reminders. Besides, the platform ultimately optimizes communication by deploying shared templates that businesses can access easily.

What’s New In Nimble CRM?

The new Nimble privacy features provide several solutions to boost contact collaboration. Let’s take a look at some of the significant updates.

Access Management

Now, you can heighten up security within your CRM by limiting team or individual access to certain areas of the CRM. For example, the admin accounts can mark contacts as “private” to restrict the contact’s information from appearing in the other users’ contact lists. Contacts with the private status will not appear in other users’ search results, duplicate checks, or other databases. Moreover, the admin accounts will have full authority to change the privacy settings at any given time.

Permission Management

The admin account can also set individual and team permissions to authorize specific individuals or groups to access relevant information. For instance, brands can permit the executive-level teams to manage sales pipelines, but only management can access the deals. You can also create a management or admin team that has the authority to remove users, handle contact deletions, manage the bill, and execute routine data backups.

Moreover, it has the ability to let users set individual privacy settings that are unique to them, while admins can set permissions for individuals or teams together.

Group Controls

Admin accounts, or individuals with admin access, can also use Nimble to assign lead ownerships and contacts to specific users using group controls. With this feature, authorized personnel can make edits through bulk segmentations, set imports privacy, and update new leads and accounts.

Email Tracking

Nimble also improves communication by enabling users to send and track emails from a plethora of sources. For example, your teams can use contact records, Nimble messages tab, Today Page dashboard, and browser extension to send emails directly to the customers from any location.

Improved Functionality

The new Nimble privacy features also include improved functionality across numerous platforms. For example, users can use the built-in browser extension to access calendars, tasks, deals, and custom view features. Additionally, users can easily log in and edit information conveniently using the browser extension.

Data Prioritization

The platform also includes an updated activities listing tab. As a result, businesses can easily organize, manage, and assign priority to different tasks, such as calls, activities, and events. Moreover, the platform also enables users to execute inline editing and use custom activity types to assign tasks that align with the firm’s operational model.

Nimble privacy features are created to optimize team collaboration. With this platform, your clients can easily create a hierarchy by granting access to relevant personnel. Additionally, with the CRM’s inline editing and detailed activity tracking features, teams can log activities, view specific contact or company information, search for social signals, use trackable email templates, and apply tags from a unified platform.

Nimble empowers businesses to adapt to a remote and hybrid work model with its unified platform. If you are a Managed Service Provider, partner up with Sherweb, add Nimble CRM to your cloud solutions portfolio, and become a member of our diverse network. Nimble can make a positive impact, improving customer and team collaboration for your SMB clients.

Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb