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Aside from the growing wave of Google Workspace adoption, advancements Google has made to their product in the past few years and the numerous requests for Google Workspace solutions you’ve probably received, did you know there significant benefits to being a Google Workspace partner?

To help existing or potential resellers take advantage, let’s highlight some of the steps we think any Google Workspace partner should take to help build their practice. We’ll also include a few resources to help support your journey!

Google Workspace partner checklist: Make sure you do these 3 things

1. Collaborate

Collaboration is key when it comes to being a Google Workspace partner. Whether through your professional network, a community, staying up to date on Google’s blog or working with a great distribution partner there are plenty of opportunities to connect and work with your peers.

Zeroing in on that last one, not only can a distribution partner support you in your day to day with license management, training, marketing assistance, sales support, post-sale support and so on, they can also represent you and leverage their standing with vendors to ensure all the benefits of being a “big guy” are accessible to you.

2. Get ramped up

Whether this is a new practice or a new line of business, Google Workspace has so much to offer that any reseller would be well advised to spend some time in the Partner Advantage portal to get yourself and your team up to speed with the latest offers and opportunities. Not only will knowledge of the products, competition and use cases help you show value to prospective customers but earning specializations as well will unlock badges and certifications as well as referrals from Google.

3. Go to market

This tip is obvious, but the “how” of going to market as a Google Workspace partner is where we think Google has done an amazing job in gathering resources, compete info, sales plays, campaigns and so much more. This can all be found in the Partner Marketing Studio.

Along with A LOT of assets, there’s also a reporting feature built into the portal so you can measure and track the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. While you can reinvent the wheel and produce your own content from scratch, it may be worth your time to see what is already available and then “tweak it” as needed to fit your brand and messaging.

Bonus tip: Sherweb also has a bunch of ready-made collateral available in our own Partner Toolbox.

Get started with Google Workspace today

There are so many reasons to sell Google Workspace, from revenue growth to expanding your customer base and beyond. Knowing what’s important to managed service providers (MSPs) is what makes Sherweb a successful distributor, and offering a little bit of guidance to any existing or potential Google Workspace partner is only the tip of the iceberg.

Sherweb also provides host of other services and solutions as well as a team of experts in your corner. Join our Partner Program to get started with Google Workspace today, or check out our Partner Guide for more information about how Sherweb can help your business grow.

Written by James Welburn Product Sales Manager – Collaboration @ Sherweb

James works with Sherweb’s sales and marketing teams as well as partners to identify customer needs and solutions to satisfy them. With more than 10 years of experience in sales, deployment and product management, he's integral to helping partners build and position offers for success. Outside of championing Sherweb’s breadth of channel expertise, James is a self-professed homebody who enjoys spending time with friends and family.