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While reselling Microsoft 365 is undeniably the bread and butter of many a managed service provider (MSP) offering, there’s no reason you can’t diversify your portfolio by exploring other platforms too. Although Google Workspace does occupy a considerably smaller market share, the reality is that there’s a still a substantial pool of SMBs using Google products. In an increasingly remote world of work, more and more MSPs are taking advantage of this fact by leveraging Google Workspace as one of their leading productivity licensing offerings.

Truth: joining their ranks and choosing to resell Google Workspace is almost certainly worthwhile for your MSP. After all, Google Workspace is powered by Google Cloud, one of the world’s largest and most reliable cloud platforms—one that powers some of the biggest and brightest cloud apps in the world like Gmail, YouTube and Google Search.

If you’re not convinced, consider that Google now has more than 10% of the office productivity software market—and that number is growing by 1% to 2% annually.

Reasons to resell Google Workspace

Reselling Google Workspace makes good sense if you want to get the most out of your cloud business.

Benefits of reselling include:

You’ll serve a larger share of the market

Google is steadily taking market share away from Microsoft, and currently has over six million business clients. While Google might not have as overpowering a presence in the business market as Microsoft, this in no way reflects upon the number of organizations out there using it.

By becoming a Google Workspace reseller, you can get ahead of this growing trend and ensure you’re engaging the entire market by offering clients an option beyond Microsoft 365. Plus, if you don’t offer Google Workspace, there’s always a risk that your competitors will. Ultimately, including Google Workspace in your portfolio means offering would-be new customers more choice; if switching from their favorite tools is an issue, being able to provide the desirable alternative (not switching) is everything. Not to mention, your services will automatically become a feasible option for steadfast Google loyalists.

Help customers banish shadow IT

Although employees typically act in the best interest of their company, they are not always provided with the right tools to do their jobs. For instance, Google Drive is needed to collaborate internally or externally with other Google users, and services like YouTube, Blogger, Adsense and Ads serve invaluable marketing purposes. The result is a phenomenon known as “shadow IT”.

Based on the work needs and personal preferences of individual employees, it’s likely that many SMBs have employees using Google Workspace products on the side, which can create security risks as well as reduce company control over employee products and data. Fortunately, by deciding to resell Google Workspace, helping clients regain that control becomes part and parcel of your offering.

Google offers dedicated resources for MSPs

When you refer product offerings to your clients, you should only recommend products you believe in—since you’re essentially merging reputations and all. Fortunately, you can trust Google Workspace. Why? Because it continually makes significant investments in its channel offerings. Namely, investments geared toward providing MSP partners with go-to-market resources, as well as incentives that help them resell Google Workspace more smoothly and effectively. And let’s not forget that reselling Google Workspace allows you to become a trusted local expert, handling your clients’ migration, training their users and offering the support they need to boost productivity. Additionally, having Google brand authority attached to your name is sure to boost your market credibility.

Partner with Sherweb to resell Google Workspace

One of Sherweb’s top priorities is helping our MSP partners make the most of their offerings by providing them with the support they need to maximize profitability.

When you resell Google Workspace in collaboration with us, our expertise, presales knowledge and enablement resources all serve to enhance and improve your offering. At the same time, we can help you avoid requirements imposed on resellers who work directly with Google—like having a specified number of specializations or certified staff.

Ready to add Google Workspace to your MSP’s offering? Get on board by joining our partner program, or check out our partner guide for more information about how Sherweb can help your MSP business engage, evolve and expand.

Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb