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Available from anywhere with an internet connection, Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite) is a powerful cloud suite that helps businesses worldwide carry out daily tasks and achieve their goals by vastly improving productivity.

With Google Workspace, you get all your favorite business productivity apps—storage, spreadsheets, forms, presentations, chat, calendars and email—all on a single platform. It’s no wonder that over 85% of businesses with 50 or more employees use Google Workspace for project management, and that the use of its project management tools by SMEs has increased by 20% in the last year alone.

Whether you’re struggling to communicate the benefits of Google Workspace to clients, or are considering reselling Google Workspace, this rough guide is meant to make your job easier.

Google Workspace productivity apps all businesses should know

To demonstrate how Google Workspace helps businesses improve productivity, listed below are some of the most popular applications and how they can benefit a company if used effectively.


Gmail with a Google Workspace plan includes customized emails (, unlimited Google Group email addresses, 99.9% guaranteed uptime, 2x the storage of personal Gmail (30 GB), zero ads, and 24/7 phone and email support.

Google Calendar

Scheduling meetings is simple with Calendar. It lets users keep track of tasks, set reminders, migrate data from external calendars (i.e., Outlook), view coworkers’ calendars to avoid conflicts and send email invites, even to those not using Google Calendar.

Google Meet

Simply set up a meeting and share a video call link without worrying if everyone has the right accounts or plug-ins. Every meeting has its own dial-in details, so if anyone is without Wi-Fi or data, they can still join.

Google Docs

This word processor tool was designed to speed up collaboration and sharing by allowing multiple users to write, edit and comment simultaneously. All changes are saved automatically, and rolling the document back to a previous version is simple.

Google Sheets

Like Docs, this spreadsheet tool was created with super fluid collaboration in mind. Compatibility with external systems like Microsoft 365 makes working with multiple data sources a breeze. Plus, Sheets also works seamlessly with Google Forms.

Google Slides

Again, it’s all about optimized, seamless collaboration. This presentation tool allows users to create and edit polished presentations directly in their browser—no software needed. As always, multiple people can access and work on a presentation simultaneously.

Google Keep

Google Keep helps users create, organize and share memos, images and voice notes across a number of devices—which means a faster, smarter and more collaborative workplace.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a centralized storage solution for all documents, videos, photos, audio, you name it. It allows you to store files, access them anytime from your desktop and mobile devices and control how they’re shared.

Business benefits of Google Workspace

In the last few years many companies have had to overhaul their processes, adopt remote or hybrid work arrangements, and speed up their digital transformation. Unsurprisingly, tools like Google Workspace have become essential. Comprising a wide set of applications, it brings together the innovation and flexibility needed to help organizations communicate and collaborate where it counts most.

Some business benefits of using the suite that further exemplify how Google Workspace helps businesses improve productivity include facilitating hybrid work, accessibility for team members and a secure work environment, just to name a few.

Facilitating hybrid work

Google Workspace lets teams share ideas instantly, join meetings remotely and from anywhere, and collaborate in real-time, helping to make hybrid work arrangements as smooth as humanly possible.

Easy to use across devices

Workspace also offers the freedom to securely access information from any device, anywhere. Files and mail are synchronized to allow for offline work. Additionally, collaborating with internal and external users alike is doable without the need for special licenses.

Provides a secure work environment

Google meets strict privacy and security standards in line with industry best practices, helping clients comply with required regulations. Indeed, Google offers exacting contractual commitments on data ownership, use of information, security, transparency and accountability, while also regularly undergoing external audits.

Additional ways Google Workspace helps companies improve productivity

  • Google Workspace Marketplace offers countless applications from third-party providers across many useful categories, all of which integrate fluidly with the Google Workspace environment, rendering productivity that much more organic and multidirectional.
  • Google Workspace Learning Center offers training articles and other resources to help users get the very most out of their experience, learning pro tips and tricks to improve their usage of any given Google app.

Looking for more Google Workspace resources, or want to add it to your service offering?

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Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb