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Imagine having all your favorite business productivity apps—storage, spreadsheets, forms, presentations, chat, calendars, and email—all on a single platform. With G Suite, you get all this and much more without the stress of having to manage software locally.

You’ve likely heard of G Suite by now—maybe you’ve even used it already. Developed by Google, it’s a powerful cloud suite created to solve common business problems and help you get more work done.

Initially released 12 years ago under a different name, G Suite has been transforming the business environment by boosting productivity and reducing costs for over 5 million paying businesses. What’s driving this popularity? G Suite is straightforward and highly multi functional—companies use it to organize tasks, connect with their customers, manage team collaboration, and grow their business.

In this article, we’ll walk you through G Suite to help you better understand how you can maximize your workplace performance and eliminate inefficiencies. But first, let’s have a look at popular G Suite apps and how they can benefit your company if you use them effectively.

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Best G Suite apps for boosting productivity


With a G Suite plan, businesses get custom company email addresses and unlimited Google Group email addresses. Sending out group emails means you won’t need to cut-and-paste a recipient list from a previous email, which saves you precious time.

The best part? Google throws in 30 GB of storage space and 24/7 phone and email support for the G Suite Basic plan.

Gmail also doesn’t show ads to G Suite customers and syncs perfectly across multiple devices, ensuring that everyone is on the right page.

Drive & Vault

Google Drive is fairly straightforward: It’s a centralized storage solution for all your documents, videos, photos, and practically anything you can think of. Employees can easily access Google Drive using the web, desktop, or mobile clients and then drag and drop files, as well as share them with others with a simple link. Once uploaded, documents sync immediately across your devices, and you can back up any folder in your file system.

Google Vault retains and archives important conversations to protect your critical data and support archiving and eDiscovery (e.g., for audits).

Both Google Drive and Vault can be useful tools for training and onboarding new staff, though that’s a secondary use case.

Docs, Sheets and Slides

These word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation tools were designed to speed up collaboration and sharing by allowing multiple users to work on documents in real time. If you need input from someone, you can simply share a link to the document.

All changes to a file are saved automatically, and you can easily roll back a document to a previous version. Inserting comments, suggesting edits, and creating templates that your team can use anytime has never been easier.


Google Forms is an excellent survey tool that businesses can use to plan events, organize their priorities, and collect data through questionnaires. The best part is that you can share a link to a form via social media channels or email and track the answers in Google Sheets.


The average office worker spends over 31 hours each month on unproductive meetings. Just scheduling those meetings takes up precious time, especially if you’re not using the right apps.

Scheduling meetings is as simple as it gets with Google Calendar. This handy app helps you not only keep track of your daily to-dos but also:

  • Set and receive reminders for upcoming events.
  • View your coworkers’ calendars to minimize scheduling conflicts.
  • Schedule meetings with ease by simply sending an email invite to attendees (even to those who don’t use Google Calendar).
  • Migrate data from external calendars like Outlook or Exchange.


Google Hangouts is a video conferencing tool for ordinary and business users. It not only breaks down geographic barriers but also reduces travel and phone expenses while keeping employees in the loop. It seamlessly integrates with Calendar, and public live streams can be automatically saved to YouTube. Google announced that it will be transitioning classic Hangouts users on G Suite domains to Chat and Meet starting April 16, 2019. It’ll also begin retiring classic Hangouts for G Suite customers in October 2019.


Google Keep helps users create, organize and share memos, images, and voice notes across a number of devices—which translates to a faster, smarter, and more collaborative workplace.

G Suite Marketplace

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Not a problem—just hop on over to the G Suite Marketplace to browse countless third-party apps and tools. With the marketplace, you can really make the most of your G Suite account and customize your digital workplace.

In terms of productivity, apps like Asana are a great choice for planning projects, tracking progress, and managing team members all from one dashboard.

You also have Todoist and GQueues, two apps designed to help companies keep track of their goals. GQueues allows managers to assign tasks inside a company, while Todoist is exactly what it sounds like: your actionable to-do list, by your side at all hours, so you don’t waste time focusing on the wrong things.

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G Suite benefits

Let’s dive deeper into some of the benefits of using G Suite and how can it help you take your business productivity to the next level.

Connected anytime, anywhere

Whether you’re in the office, your favorite coffee shop, or your car, G Suite gives you the freedom you need to work from anywhere and anytime.

The rise of remote working is changing how people do business. Gallup’s 2016 State of the American Workforce report revealed that 43% of U.S. workers already work remotely to some degree. And according to FlexJobs’s 2017 survey, 66% of the more than 5,500 professionals surveyed say they’d be more productive in a home office than at a traditional one.

G Suite is essential for any team that includes remote employees. It allows your employees to easily access their files on mobile or desktop devices, share documents with colleagues, schedule and join virtual meetings, and stay on top of their email.

Bringing teams together

Poor office communication is the bane of any modern business. With G Suite, your employees can stay in touch and collaborate more easily than they would otherwise.

For example, you can create Team Drives to limit the sharing of links to documents that need to be accessed by a group of employees. Everyone on the team has access to these files through a shared space for cloud storage.

Real-time collaboration is essential to productivity. With G Suite, your employees can jump in and edit a shared document, which allows teams to work more efficiently and significantly reduces back-and-forth communication. Plus, it makes it possible for co-workers in different time zones to catch up on the go.

Bottom line? G Suite helps your business run optimally—and that spells more revenue.

Tracking and evaluating team collaboration

A study by McKinsey Global Institute reveals that employees spend up to 8 hours per week searching for information—not the best recipe for productivity.

Work Insights is Google’s new tool for businesses that analyzes how employees use and adapt to G Suite’s productivity tools, now available in beta. With this tool, managers can identify departments that need more training on how to use G Suite and assess how well teams are collaborating.

Look at it as a way to strengthen relationships between departments and increase productive collaboration. What more could you want?

Zero maintenance stress

G Suite doesn’t need any maintenance and is designed to keep everything updated. There’s no need to worry about hardware- or software-maintenance-related issues.

You’ll save money and spend less time on maintenance, storage management, and data recovery so you can focus on getting work done.

Ready to get started?

Any business leader’s main goal is to streamline processes and boost ROI. For that to happen, your employees need to work and collaborate more intelligently.

Regardless of what industry you’re in, G Suite can help your business turn productivity goals into long-term habits. Contact us today for more info on getting started with G Suite for business.

Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb

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