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It’s that time of year again! Part of the fun of the holiday season is undeniably gift-giving. While you may have already picked out the perfect token to show appreciation for your MSP’s clients, why not give them a little extra? Gifts like productivity, virtual learning and cybersecurity, for example, could all help your MSP’s clients kick the New Year off right!

Here are our top picks for providing value to your MSP’s clients all year round.

Microsoft 365 Business Premium

Microsoft 365 Business Premium is the gold standard of the Microsoft productivity suite. It’s loaded with the most features and is a winning choice for the client who wants it all. This cost-effective alternative to secure on-premises solutions includes all of the productivity and collaboration apps that your MSP’s clients need to run their business, plus advanced security features for managing data, workers, and devices. Because it’s cloud-based, customers can also securely access their files from anywhere. There are even enhanced Mobile Device Management (MDM) features that offer extra security when clients’ employees are using personal devices to access company systems and documents.

For more details on the benefits of Business Premium, check out our blog post here.

Dynamics 365 Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a combined CRM and ERP. The platform helps clients unify their business by bringing together operations, finance, marketing and sales in a comprehensive software solution. When you give your clients increased visibility across functions, you give everyone at their organization the information they need at their fingertips—making them more efficient and streamlined. And with built-in analytics and easy-to-create dashboards, your clients will be able to make informed decisions based on the insights they’ve gathered using Business Central.

For more on why your clients will appreciate Dynamics 365 Business Central, check out this blog.


Most people aren’t using Microsoft 365 to its fullest potential. Your MSP’s clients can help their teams make the best use of all the functionality and features of Microsoft apps with QuickHelp—an eLearning platform designed to empower users to work smarter. Personalized learning journeys can be tailored to specific needs and individualized content, and messaging keeps users engaged with their learning paths. Give your clients what they need to improve their teams’ interactions with Microsoft 365 and increase productivity with QuickHelp.

Find out more about QuickHelp here.

Office Protect

As one of the most popular and therefore most frequently targeted productivity suites, Microsoft 365 benefits from an extra layer of protection. Office Protect is an affordable and user-friendly way to add comprehensive cybersecurity for Microsoft 365. The core plan is configured specifically for Microsoft 365 and has automated monitoring and alerting. For clients who need a more hands-on approach to security from their provider, Office Protect Alliance includes everything in the core plan plus threat detection and response. Give your MSP’s clients everything they need to actively protect their most critical productivity platform against potential threats and implement security best practices!

Click here to read more about how Office Protect can help your customers.


Your MSP’s clients need to access their email without having to worry about security threats. Proofpoint can help! It helps safeguard email from spam, phishing and malware while simultaneously ensuring compliance and business continuity, giving your clients peace of mind. With the ability to control, secure and monitor inbound and outbound messages, Proofpoint will protect your clients from malicious attacks to their email.

Find out more about Proofpoint here.

Ring in the holidays with the right partner

Working with the right partner will ensure that the season of giving never stops for your MSP’s clients! Sherweb offers a range of cloud solutions and value-added services to support MSPs and their clients year-round. Become a Sherweb partner to find out how to give your clients exactly what they want.

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