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Microsoft Teams security isn’t necessarily something on your mind every time you send a message. But internal communication is often taken for granted as safe and secure. File sharing through Microsoft Teams happens constantly and the sanctity of secure information comes into question. Any kind of security breach is a nightmare scenario. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider the possibility that there’s more you could be doing. Internal communication specifically is a serious concern when it comes to data breaches and hacker targets.

Microsoft Teams encourages collaboration effectively, but you and/or your clients shouldn’t have to spend precious time worrying about compromising your business whenever information is shared throughout your personal network. If you want to avoid potentially devastating cybersecurity data loss, there’s an easy solution: Secure your internal communication with the new Office Protect Teams Pack.

Why is Microsoft Teams security essential? 

Every organization wants privacy protection for collaboration in Microsoft Teams, and safeguarding your organization is critical. An unsecured Microsoft Teams can give hackers more access than you realize.  

For example, there have been vulnerabilities discovered in the Teams chat feature that could have allowed hackers to run arbitrary code via specially crafted chat message. In another instance, a flaw was discovered that gave hackers access to victims’ chat history through malicious tabs and third-party apps, which could have catastrophic consequences like obtaining proprietary company files and data. 

Secure Microsoft Teams with Office Protect

The Teams pack is an example of the evolution of Office Protect to meet MSP needs. Due to global popularity Microsoft 365, is the most targeted platform for cybercrime. Protecting your business from potential threats with a dedicated service for detection and response, Office Protect is designed to leverage existing security control in a more intuitive and accessible way and aims to offer the simplest way to secure Microsoft 365 for small-medium businesses (SMBs).

Which Office Protect plan is right for you? 

Focusing on our partners’ individual needs requires customizing offerings that best suit you and your clients. This means recognizing that despite SMBs statistically being at a higher risk target for cyberattack, different businesses have a wide variety of security needs. Office Protect offers two subscription plans that provide a rangeof comprehensive security.  

Office Protect Core is a software option. 24/7 automated monitoring & alerting is the key functionality, but should be aware it’s more operationally demanding because you are responsible for managing any alerts the software generates.  

If the burden of providing security for your clients already feels too cumbersome then look no further!  

Office Protect Alliance is a managed detection and response (MDR) service. Core is the foundation product. This means partners will still need to initiate some setup, but Sherweb manages most of the alerts. Sherweb’s security analysts will review every alert in 60 minutes or less and only reaches out to the partner if there is necessary action to be taken and/or the client needs to be informed. 

Protecting Microsoft Teams 

The new Microsoft Teams pack allows you to control Teams security settings, set up alerts for suspicious activity and access advanced reporting, all from one easy to use dashboard. Don’t let you our clients find themselves vulnerable. Office Protect makes Microsoft 365 safer for clients without creating more work for yourself. By adding Office Protect to your portfolio, you can give clients peace of mind while simultaneously growing your business.  

Don’t let Microsoft Teams security be a risk to you or your clients. Secure your internal communications and the rest of the Microsoft tenant by joining Sherweb’s partner program. 

Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb