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While Microsoft Teams does have a built-in phone system that end users can take advantage of, managed service providers (MSPs) can add more value to their clients’ Teams experience with Sherweb’s Managed Teams Voice offering. As a value-added cloud solutions provider and award winning Microsoft CSP partner, Sherweb can help MSPs and their clients ensure smooth Microsoft Business Voice deployments that simplify and streamline calling, chat and collaboration.

This is especially important for businesses that still use Skype, which Microsoft plans to phase out in favor of Teams. Fully integrated with the Microsoft 365 environment, Microsoft Teams has all the capabilities of Skype and then some. With the added benefit of calling capabilities, Microsoft Teams represents a full-service communication suite that helps organize inter-departmental processes and facilitate seamless collaboration. Backed by expert technical support and pre-sales architects that help close deals, Sherweb makes it easy for cloud resellers to add Voice over IP (VoIP) to their managed service offering.

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Combine the best of both worlds with Managed Teams Voice

Microsoft Teams enables clients to communicate and collaborate with productivity tools such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and also make internal and external voice calls from a single platform with Microsoft Business Voice. Clients access Microsoft Teams via their Microsoft 365 subscription. Although adding calling services might seem daunting for MSPs unfamiliar with the telecommunications landscape, Sherweb’s Managed Teams Voice offering makes it easy.

Sherweb partners can provide their clients with voice solutions that work with any SIP hardware. They also have the flexibility and scalability to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. With dedicated onboarding, deployment and account management, as well as carrier-grade telecom service connections that ensure clients are connected 24/7, Sherweb provides partners with the capabilities to add calling services to their reseller portfolio without having to acquire specific telecom expertise.

Another benefit of Microsoft Business Voice is the reliability and security of the Microsoft Cloud. From traffic trend monitoring to encryption and fraud deterrence tools, you can count on excellent calling services reinforced by Sherweb’s expert support.

Additionally, whether you’re setting clients with new phone numbers or migrating existing ones, Sherweb’s payment plans are steady and predictable—without bill shock! As such, Managed Teams Voice not only streamlines communication and collaboration for clients, but also saves money on expensive calling plans purchased on top of productivity and IT tools.

Why resell VoIP with Sherweb?

Selling VoIP and calling services with Managed Teams Voice empowers clients to stay connected whether they’re working from home, from the office, or while travelling. They can take business calls anywhere using the Teams mobile app with expanded coverage for phone number portability. This level of flexibility—now a must-have for businesses searching for remote work solutions—makes reselling VoIP a lucrative opportunity for MSPs.

Sherweb takes it a step further by taking care of onboarding and support for VoIP services on your behalf. Leveraging plug-and-play, deployment-ready devices or integrating Teams with existing phone systems fulfills clients’ needs quickly. It also assures clients that they’re making an improvement on calling technology they might be reluctant to leave behind.

Furthermore, Sherweb partners and their clients get access to white-glove 24/7/365 customer service, including experts with decades of experience providing industry best practices.

Work with a partner that can help diversify your business

From pre-sales, migration and technical support all the way to marketing assistance, Sherweb equips partners with the right solutions to serve clients better and grow their MSP business. Explore our Partner Guide to see how working with Sherweb can help you reach your full cloud potential.

Managed Teams Voice represents an opportunity for cloud resellers to expand their services by providing clients with calling capabilities. To learn more about calling with Microsoft Teams, download our eBook, “Get a grip on unified communications”.

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Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb