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Businesses compete to earn customers for life by offering personalized experiences and world-class service across all channels. Once acquired, customer service activities help build loyalty by providing consistent and meaningful solutions to customer problems.

According to Forbes analysis, more than 50% of customers are willing to switch brands to have a better customer service experience. Conversely, less than 4% are willing to stick around if you don’t provide excellent service. Besides this, a survey from the State of Global Customer Service Report revealed that the customers’ expectations for unparalleled service keep growing exponentially, where 97% agreed that customer service is essential for brand loyalty.

Businesses striving to create a competitive edge must empower employees with end-to-end solutions assisting them in delivering tailored and relevant data at every engagement. That’s exactly where Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service comes in handy.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service is a module for customer service automation working to streamline knowledge management while enabling personalized customer service with consumer perception. It provides visibility into customer service operations and performances with easy-to-use dashboards and in-depth analysis reports, offering a suite of capabilities to ensure your business delivers the best experience possible to your audience. A market frontrunner, Gartner noted Microsoft as a Leader in 2021 Magic Quadrant for the CRM Customer Engagement Center.

Dynamic 365 Customer Service offers an all-in-one interface that allows businesses to deliver omni-channel engagement and speedily resolve inquiries through natural, human interactions. It’s a great way to enhance efficiencies by empowering your customer representatives. Especially for businesses looking to implement an enhanced customer service experience with AI-driven analytics and intelligent case managementmust, Dynamics 365 Customer Service is a perfect fit.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service key features and benefits

The key to improving customer satisfaction lies in the service delivery that agents offer. These agents take customer requests and inquiries from multiple channels and manage multiple sessions simultaneously without compromising on the context. They are interacting through numerous applications just to improve their workflow and productivity.

But the thing is, your customer service representatives are way too occupied with unproductive routine tasks which could be efficiently handled by a single application, Microsoft Dynamic 365 Customer Service. It allows you to increase customer satisfaction while reducing the amount of time, effort and money spent on each support case or service call.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service empowers your team with the following advantages:

Self-service support

Dynamics 365 Customer Service automates self-service with virtual agents giving customers direct access to your knowledge base. It allows businesses to share knowledge through community portals enabling you to address issues using AI-powered virtual agents. It frees up your customer service employees, allowing them to handle more complex matters.

Personalized customer experiences

Businesses can personalize customer interactions by anticipating their needs using Dynamics 365 Customer Service. Moreover, it gives the agent a holistic overview of the customer’s profile and previous interactions with your support teams. It also automatically assigns requests to agents best suited to resolve them.

Increase agent productivity

Dynamics 365 Customer Service takes the guesswork out of delivering case resolutions by implementing AI-driven productivity tools. It provides real-time context cues recommending similar knowledge cases or articles to resolve customers’ issues. As a result, agents can multitask with ease, strengthen cross-team collaboration and streamlines the search experience.

Optimize service operations

Take advantage of AI-driven insights and analytics to improve customer experiences by quickly adapting to real-time customer sentiments. Dynamics 365 Customer Service allows businesses to monitor success using unified KPIs and understand agent behavior through built-in AI. Additionally, it detects emerging trends and automation opportunities across engagement channels to deliver enhanced and superior customer experiences.

Deliver proactive service

Dynamics 365 Customer Service enables businesses to proactively fix device issues through enhanced support and integrated IoT alerts. Not only this, it allows you to solve problems way before customers start noticing using the IoT and remote commands.

Take advantage of Dynamics 365 with Sherweb’s extended network

We live in an age where customers expect businesses to deliver exceptional service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In fact, customer service excellence is a crucial competitive differentiator for organizations, as it proves value to clients.

However, continuously upholding high standards of customer service excellence is easier said than done. Your business likely needs all the help it can get. This means that having the right technology on your side can make a huge difference.

Leverage the power of Microsoft Dynamic 365 Customer Service and unrivaled digital engagement tools offered by Sherweb to revolutionize your business’s customer service experience. Sherweb offers businesses of all shapes and sizes a range of implementation mechanisms and customizations, ensuring all Dynamics 365 applications deliver unbeatable service and experiences for both resellers and end-users.

Looking to get started with Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Dynamics 365 Customer Serivce? Explore our Dynamics partner-to-partner network, or check out our Partner Guide to learn more about how Sherweb can help your business grow.

Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb