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Business owners and leaders need to think strategically to achieve maximum success. Many organizations have invested in Microsoft Dynamics 365 to build and provide data connection and business intelligence solutions across their organizations. Teams with refined Dynamics 365 skill sets can gain valuable insights that can help drive business decisions.

With that said, has your organization made a similar investment in Microsoft Dynamics 365? Do your employees have the knowledge required to take advantage of the powerful suite of business applications?

Even top CEOs see upskilling and training as a key to success. In the PwC 24th Annual Global CEO Survey, about a quarter of surveyed leaders reported plans to increase long-term investments in leadership and talent development.

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Everyone talks about digital transformation, but few are upskilling their staff

Moving to the cloud is one transition to new models and processes, or example of digital transformation. Others such as machine learning and automation are approaching fast, even for smaller organizations. Leaders will need to ensure that their staff have the necessary digital skills to give their business an edge.

A whopping 90% of Fortune 500 companies use Dynamics 365 or Microsoft Power Platform. Thousands of small and medium-sized businesses, educational organizations, non-profits and government groups all use the Microsoft Cloud. It’s not just leadership that sees the need for upskilling; a previous PwC survey of 22,000 workers around the world revealed 53% of respondents believe automation will significantly change or affect their roles or make them obsolete within the next 10 years. Furthermore, 77% of working adults said they would learn new skills or retrain to remain employed.

The need for new solutions and the desire to gain new skill sets are there on both sides. Dynamics 365 and Power Platform can be used by all workers regardless of their level of expertise. The true advantage will be how businesses use these sophisticated tools with a trained and skilled staff.  By providing and encouraging Dynamics 365 training, leaders can harness increased innovation and ROI and drive digital transformation for their business.

Dynamics 365 training helps businesses stay ahead of the competition

It can be difficult for some companies to realize the full potential of Dynamics 365. Staff throughout an organization (sales, marketing, customer service, finance, operations, human resources, etc.) possess great synergies of collaboration and communication, and yet might not have the necessary training to take full advantage of such technology. However, upskilling employees to leverage available tools to the best of their ability can provide not only a competitive edge, but also instill a strategic mindset to help drive innovation.

The rate that technology is revolutionizing industries is truly mind blowing. New offerings are making solutions more responsive, efficient and secure. Regardless, there’s a significant gap between Dynamics 365 tools and Dynamics 365 skills. These gaps can hinder or even halt initiatives, but the solution is easy! Focus on targeted Dynamics 365 training.
Dynamics P2P Network
Becoming proficient in Dynamics 365 doesn’t necessarily mean that leaders need to hire new employees with years of tech experience, or contract out expensive consultants. Instead, companies would do well to encourage and influencing staff to participate in Microsoft Dynamics 365 training and potentially even certification.

Get free Dynamics 365 training through Microsoft Learn or a partner

Microsoft Learn is a free online training platform that provides users with dedicated Learning Paths to certifications via interactive learning content.  Microsoft Learn offers 13 different Dynamics 365 certifications, two based in fundamentals and 11 that are role-based. Dynamics 365 learning paths include deep dives for staff in finance, operations, marketing, sales and other specialties.

As your staff begins to build Dynamics knowledge, they can consider certifications that best support your organization’s expectations and goals. Tread cautiously—the Microsoft certification world can be confusing! Making your staff equal partners in the discussion about company goals and their development will lead to clarity on which certifications will work the best for them and your business.

If necessary, your staff can also benefit from instructor-led courses. A solid cloud partner can also be of service in this area. For example, Sherweb’s Partner University also offers training for various cloud products and services, and our Dynamics 365 P2P network can connect businesses with Dynamics experts in any vertical.
Get Dynamics 365 training with Partner University

Training opportunities increase employee satisfaction

Lifelong learning is a necessity in today’s tech economy—both leaders and individual team members see this. Providing opportunities to learn and upskill helps not only with job satisfaction, but it also boosts employees’ confidence. In turn, that confidence—built from Dynamics 365 training and certifications—will not only impact careers, but your company’s ROI and success as well.

Looking for Dynamics 365 training opportunities or additional support? Contact us or explore our Partner Guide to see how Sherweb can help your business grow.

Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb

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