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Managed service providers (MSPs) know better than anyone that disruption is everywhere, all the time. You constantly need to find new ways to stay competitive and gain new clients, or your business will slowly atrophy. Fortunately, Dynamics 365 is a powerful offering for your customers that can help you (and them) stay sharp in today’s market.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and Commerce can help both you and your clients tackle economic uncertainty and respond to new demands for remote work solutions. It can also help introduce entirely new markets for MSPs.

What is Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management?

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management enables your customers to stay profitable and simultaneously adapt to change, deliver products on time and optimize their resource planning. How does it do that? Through improved management in three key areas: agility, business continuity and cost savings.

Increased agility

Supply Chain Management uses a “connected factory” to help your customers know exactly what’s happening in their business and pivot quickly in today’s ever-changing environment. Mixed reality, IoT, AI and an integrated warehouse management system work together to supply real-time production and distribution planning.

Business continuity

Supply Chain Management integrates with other Microsoft tools, such as Azure, to ensure high availability and 99% uptime. Users also receive advanced supplier management, enabling them to control manufacturing and warehousing at the edge.

Cost savings

Finally, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management will helps businesses save money. You can optimize inventory and have real time visibility. Order management will be intelligent and distributed. Additionally, all of your assets can be monitored and configured for maximum performance.

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Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management can help your business grow

Basically, this Dynamics 365 product drive growth for your MSP business by improving what you can sell to your customers. You can help them streamline their entire supply chain process and free up time and money to put towards growth and innovation. Additionally, they’ll be able to provide even more outstanding customer service, thus gaining you referrals and loyalty and solidifying your position as their trusted IT advisor.

Supply Chain Management offers further assistance to clients in the following areas:


The first category that Supply Chain Management can help with is product. Clients are able to accelerate innovation and time to market, thereby enabling you to provide more appealing and higher quality products to your customers. They’ll also be able to help step up customer service by responding quickly to any quality issues and rapidly changing customer specifications. Better products = happier customers = more growth!

Customer demand

Almost nothing makes customers more unhappy than having to explain lengthy product delays. These types of issues can be resolved by predicting demand with Supply Chain Management’s AI system. Your clients can then plan and act accordingly, so they always have what their end customer wants when they want it.


Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management also helps customers cut costs and save resources in many areas of operation. They can optimize inventory and logistics, improve manufacturing operations, become more agile, and maximize asset uptime and lifespan. With all of these freed up costs and resources, clients can invest more in innovation, providing more opportunities for your MSP business to grow.

What is Dynamics 365 Commerce?

Dynamics 365 Commerce is another tool from Microsoft that allows businesses to deliver the best shopping experience possible for their customers—one that is unified, personalized and seamless. By offering this product, you’ll be helping clients achieve that goal as well. Dynamics 365 Commerce is fully integrated, infused with intelligence and provides users with increased operational agility.

Integration and unification

With Commerce, your customers get native support for omnichannel purchasing, as well as a single view of customers across channels. This allows them to rapidly build and enhance commerce experiences.


Your MSP’s e-commerce customers can accomplishment a wide variety of things with the intelligence Dynamics 365 Commerce provides. Deep customer insights enable generation of personalized recommendations. Intelligent product search helps increase conversions. Finally, intelligent order management allows for rapid distribution of products.

How Dynamics 365 Commerce can help your business grow

The depth of services Dynamics 365 Commerce offers can open up entirely new doors for providers in the e-commerce world, effectively serving to cultivate new markets for MSPs. By adding your expert support and value-added services on top, you can assure your clients of your ability to help them build loyalty, engage with their customers across channels and streamline their operations.

Build customer loyalty

Personalized experiences, expanded choices and connecting through physical and digital storefronts help build and cement customer loyalty, and Dynamics 365 delivers on all these points. With deeper connections to customers, an e-commerce provider can increase sales and customer retention—two critical KPIs.

Engage with customers across channels

Consumers expect a seamless and unified experience, no matter how they’ve chosen to interact with a given company or brand. By offering Dynamics 365 Commerce, your MSP business outfits clients with the power to provide such an experience.  In addition, clients will be able drive better sales promotions and rebate programs based on actual customer data collected by Dynamics 365 and other sources.

Streamline operations

With accurate views of customer inventory and demand, your MSP’s e-commerce customers will be able to forecast supply and demand more accurately. This will generally help ensure accurate inventory levels and avoid having to deny customer requests due to supply.

Expand your Dynamics 365 offer with the right partner

While a lot of this is new and challenging, Sherweb has tons of resources to help you grow. We also have a Dynamics 365 partner-to-partner network where you can learn and swap ideas and best practices from your peers in the industry, as well as access a handy Dynamics licensing guide. Want to learn more? Contact us or join our partner network today to get started.

Written by The Sherweb Team Collaborators @ Sherweb