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Microsoft is removing its ‘grace period’ between subscription start date and billing date. This change is affecting all Direct and Indirect CSP partners worldwide, including Sherweb. To align with Microsoft’s changes, Sherweb will also modify the way it bills its partners for all products. This change will take effect on December 1, 2017, and from this date you will no longer have a creation and deletion grace period.

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New Billing Alignment Starting December 1, 2017

New CSP Billing Alignment - Billing Cycle Illustration

What Do These Changes Mean for You?

Following are frequently asked questions on how these changes may impact Sherweb partners and their customers:

Will the way I pay my bill change?

No, you will still receive your monthly invoice via Sherweb’s billing platform, Cumulus.

Will the date I pay my bill change?

No, the date you pay your bill will not change.

Will these changes affect my end customers?

This depends whether you previously charged the customer for the ‘grace period’ or not. If you did, there will be no change. If you did not, you will now need to charge them.

Will the amount I am billed change each month?

No. You will be charged for every day of usage.

Are the changes optional or mandatory?

This is a mandatory change.

Do partners need to do anything when the new process begins?

No, these changes will be made automatically.

Will these changes affect the way I offer free demos to my customers?

Yes, you will no longer be able to offer the ‘grace period’ as a free trial to your end customers. However, if you are a Microsoft partner and have an MPN ID, check out their demo page and from here you will be able to showcase all the possibilities.


In addition to the billing changes, we will also be releasing an annual commitment plan, which will allow you to lock the price for 12 months.

Have any questions about your bill? Please get in touch directly with your Sherweb account manager.

Direct CSP changes

Written by Sophie Furnival Marketing Communications Manager @ Sherweb

Sophie leads a team of expert marketers in charge of building Sherweb’s brand awareness. Responsible for activities such as email marketing, social media and driving organic web traffic, her role is critical to ensuring Sherweb is recognized and respected by prospects, partners, competitors and other stakeholders. Sophie has extensive experience working in journalism and corporate communications for different industries, including science, technology and the non-profit sector. When she’s not championing Sherweb’s brand, Sophie enjoys diving, cooking and watching The Office.