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Microsoft has recently announced that they will be updating their requirements for direct partners of the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. As of August 31, 2018, to be a direct partner you will have to purchase a Microsoft support plan and demonstrate key capabilities to help meet your customers’ needs.

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To be a Direct CSP Partner you will now have to choose from one of the following Microsoft support plans:

Plus, show that you are capable of providing:

  • A minimum of one managed service, IP service, or customer solution application
  • A secure and solid infrastructure for billing and provisioning

For many partners, these changes will have a huge impact on their business. But there is a way around the new support requirements, by becoming an Indirect CSP partner.

When you resell Microsoft products through Sherweb’s CSP Program, our industry-leading support is included. You will be able to offer your customers quality support through us, saving yourself at least $15,000 a year compared with working directly with Microsoft.

Indirect CSP: The Best of Both Worlds

Going indirect CSP means you get all the benefits of working with an experienced technology provider to help ensure your success. Plus, on top of cost savings, you are still eligible for Microsoft competency incentives to help boost your margins.

The indirect model is great for businesses that want to focus on strengthening their cloud service offerings, without having the burden of maintaining multiple systems for billing, provisioning, and support.

Choosing an Indirect CSP Program that is Right for You

There are a lot of partner programs to choose from. But when you’re deciding which cloud provider to go with for Office 365, you want to be sure you’re getting the best technical support available.

CSP chnages: Sherweb's Support Service in Numbers Image

Sherweb offers complementary technical support to all its partners and if you’re an advisor, we also take care of your clients. You and your customers can reach our support team by phone, email or chat 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – at no extra charge.

Want more information on what a partnership with Sherweb looks like? Check out our InfoKit.

What Partners Have to Say about Sherweb’s Support

“Able to transition, without drama, between chat, email and phone! Most IT companies are so phone-averse, it’s not worth the trouble. With Sherweb, I get helpful and competent service regardless of the platform. What a refreshing difference!” Chris Parker, Boise, Idaho

“I’m always impressed with the speed of the response and the helpful advice I receive from your representatives.” Jennifer Warren, Boulder, Colorado

“The technician was very friendly and he really wanted to get my problem resolved. He seemed to really care.” Bruce Glenn, Waco, Texas

“Have always gotten friendly, fast and helpful support from Sherweb.” Dan Barber, Rock Hill, South Carolina

“You guys are always there when I need you, and you always have the answers. Top notch.” Michael Howes, Hamilton, Ontario

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Have any questions about the Sherweb CSP program? Ask us via the chat!

Direct CSP changes

Written by Sophie Furnival Marketing Communications Manager @ Sherweb

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